Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do You Have an Impractical Major? Never Fear!

Let me first preface this post by saying that I am a Painting/Drawing Major, meaning I probably won't have a job when I graduate. This thought used to discourage me until I discovered some information that really showed me the light: There are practical things to do with an "impractical" degree.
First of all let me mention that I honestly believe that no degree can really be that impractical. Maybe you won't go down the path that you had intended, but you will get something. Often time's employers are looking for people with degrees because earning you degree is an arduous, expensive, and tiresome process. Having your degree shows determination and the ability to accomplish long term tasks. For me this means, that even if I don't have a job somewhere in the art field or just don't cut it as a painter, that I will have a degree that will look good on a resume that will get me a job.
Also, with every degree there are hundreds of possibilities. For instance you may get a degree in English and fall into a job that requires a lot of writing or reading that you never expected. Or you may find that you want to become a lawyer. English majors have a very nice base of education for becoming lawyers.
My advice: find what you truly love. For example with my art major I was able to get an internship at an art museum. I once thought that I might be interested in earning my doctorate and becoming a museum curator. Alas, when the internship was over I couldn't wait to get out of that museum. Then and there I decided that I wanted to paint.
I believe that if you follow your dreams you will find something that you love to do. Who knows what will happen, and who knows if I will ever be the self employed painter that I want to be. But I do think that following what you love is commendable and you can learn so much about yourself in the process.
I knew a girl once that was an art major like me that started working as an accountant to get through school and found that she absolutely loved it. You never know what will happen, the best you can do is to do what you love. I don't know about you but if I gave up painting for a degree for a job that I was sure to have financial security and good money I may be better off, but I wouldn't be completely happy. I think that is what is important.

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